MOARK Agricultural Research is an independent contract research organization that conducts large and small plot field trials to fit a variety of needs. Our scientists come from a range of backgrounds and bring passion and dedication to the field.

Nathan Goldschmidt -
Research Manager

Nathan is an agronomist with a M.S. in Weed Science from the University of Arkansas and is a third-generation grower.  Nathan founded MOARK Agricultural Research in 2013 and has worked in agricultural research since 2004, with over 15 years of contract research experience.

Bree Goldschmidt -
Research Associate

Bree is an agronomist with a M.S. in Weed Science from University of Arkansas.  Bree has been in the research industry since 2004 and has worked extensively as an independent quality assurance consultant conducting GLP and biotech facility inspections in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Iowa.

Joy Whitsel -
Research Associate

Joy is an ag ecologist with a M.S. in Biology from Purdue University. Joy has worked in the ag industry since 2001 and has extensive experience with GLP trials and biotech crop safety studies, including ecological risk assessment, insect community assessments, plant physiology, and drought tolerance testing.

Linda Goldschmidt -
Quality Assurance

Linda worked in quality control for the state of Missouri for 24 years prior to joining MOARK Agricultural Research as quality assurance officer in 2014.  In addition to her time in quality control, she brings years of agricultural experience working on the family farm.